Sewing Machines
As Consew and Juki dealers we can fill all of your sewing machine needs. We stock many small commonly needed sewing machine parts such as screws, tension springs, bobbins etc. All in stock items are not listed here and what we don't have we can order in as quickly as needed.
Juki DNU 1541 Juki DNU 1541
Manufactured by Juki with table and motor. Features include: Compound needle
Feed & walking foot
Built-in bobbin winder and knee lift
Large bobbin
Extra heavy duty machine

SM DNU1541
Consew 206 RB-4 Consew 206 RB-4
Consew features include:
Compound walking foot
Needle feed
Straight stitch
Single needle
Large bobbin
Industrial machine

SM 206RB4
Phaff Welt Feet Phaff Welt Feet
For models 545 and 1245.
Item #           Description
SMP40474 5
Inside presser foot
SMP40475 5 Outside presser foot
SMP49558C D LH outside presser foot
SMP421801.25 1/4" double welt feet
SMP42519x20.25 1/4" welt feet
SMP45219x20.38 3/8" welt feet
Welt Feet Welt Feet
Welt Feet for straight stitch machines.
Item #                    Description
SMP3069L 1/4       1/4" Lt Feed Welt Foot
SMP3069R 1/4      1/4" Rt Feed Welt Foot
SMP36069DG1/4  1/4" Double Welt Foot
Deluxe Chrome Deluxe Chrome
Gooseneck Lamp

Two Spool Thread Stand Two Spool Thread Stand

Welt Feet Welt Feet
For industrial walking foot machines. Fits most machines such as Consew, Juki,
Nakajima, Tacksew.
Item #              Size
SMPS32 .75     3/4"
SMPS32 1/2     1/2"
SMPS32 1/4     1/4"
SMPS32 1/8     1/8"
SMPS32 3/8     3/8"
SMPS32 5/32   5/32"
SMPS95 1/4D   1/4" Double Welt Foot
SMPS95 3/8D   3/8" Double Welt Foot
Sewing Machine Table & Motor
Sewing Machine Table & Motor can be purchased assembled or unassembled. In stock table is standard for most drop in industrial walking foot machines.
Sewing Machine Motors Sewing Machine Motors
1/2 horsepower, 110 volt, single phase
Item #       RPM      Uses
SMPC14   3450      High Speed for Sergers and Blind Hemmers
SMPC15   1725      For Walking Foot Machines
Sewing Machine Oil Sewing Machine Oil
Clear top quality machine oil.
Item #    Put up
SO 32    Quart
SO G     Gallon
Bobbin Casing Bobbin Casing
For CONSEW 206RB M bobbin
Steel Bobbin Steel Bobbin
Steel Bobbin M (CONSEW)
Standard Steel Bobbin Standard Steel Bobbin