Acrylic Binding 3/4" Two Edge Turned Acrylic Binding 3/4" Two Edge Turned
100% solution dyed acrylic.
100 yd rolls or cut yd.
available in the following colors.
Order #   Color
BA 5805   Aquamarine
BA 5815   Burgundy
BA 5820   Cadet Grey
BA 5823   Captains Navy
BA 5830   Forest Green
BA 5840   Black
Order #   Color
BA 5845   Red
BA 5855   Pacific Blue
BA 5871   Taupe
BA 5872   Teal/Oz Green
BA 5885   White
BA 6006   Beige
Order #   Color
BA 6012   Gulfstream Green
BA 6014   Catalina Blue
BA 6021   Cardinal Red
BA 6022   Royal Navy
BA 6025   Linen
BA 6005   1" Black
Vicar Hidem Trim
This trim is manufactured from some of the top selling marine vinyl lines so it offers the most up to date color matches available. U.V. resistant, mildew treated face and back, and meets FMVSS 302 & CAIF. BULLETIN 117 SEC E fire codes. This hidem has no welting making it very flexible. See samples.
Vicar Hidem Trim
Item #    Color
HI7101   Arctic Frost
HI7102   Polar Breeze
HI7103   Chalk
HI7104   Polar Dusk
HI7105   Oyster
HI7106   Buff
HI7107   Maui Sand
HI7108   Moonbeam
HI7109   Cypress Wood
HI7110   Moon Misty
Item #    Color
HI7112   Pacific Mist
HI7113   Marble
HI7114   Porcelain
HI7115   Gray Dawn
HI7116   Ebony
HI7117   American Beauty
HI7118   Ruby
HI7119   Tahiti Reef
HI7120   Cayman Blue
Item #    Color
HI7121   Midnight Blu
HI7123   Marigold
HI7124   Falcon
HI7125   Aquaspray
HI7126   Teal Waters
HI7127   Nu Teal
HI7128   Asia Plum
HI7129   Lime Cooler
HI7130   Jamaican Sun
Hidem Tips Hidem Tips
A nickel on brass end tip for finishing off the end of hidem welt trim.
F V718
Pre-made Vinyl Covered Welting Pre-made Vinyl Covered Welting
Matched to the colors on our latest Seabrook Vinyl Card (SAM W4). Available in cut yd. or full rolls of 50 yds.
Sailmakers High Performance Ultra Seam Stick Tape Sailmakers High Performance Ultra Seam Stick Tape
The only double-faced seam tape that sticks to acrylic canvas like Sunbrella. Try it once and you will be stuck on this tape that lives up to its name. Available in 1/2" and 1/4" widths.
VT1163MS74.5 1/2" Wide
VT1163MS74.25 1/4" Wide